innovation thrives at the juncture of passion and dedication.

Our team is driven to find the most effective messaging for every project, and every context.

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Point of Sale

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Point of Purchase

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Warehousing &

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Diversity &

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Our Technology

Our two decades of experience optimizing production, inventory and sales process measurements converts to your improved ROI.

SmartBuy™, our proprietary technology, focuses and streamlines your operations through continuous, data-driven cost and purchase pattern adjustments.

It’s an ongoing system that boosts performance and reduces waste. And closes the gap between your company and your business objectives.

Branded Merchandise

Quality that compels audience engagement.

Custom-designed. Designed-and-decorated. Off-the-shelf. Only the highest-quality branded products and promotional items.

To generate experiences that cross boundaries and elevate audiences, and build your brand beyond expectations.

Point of Sale (POS)

On-site representation that strengthens existing loyalties and encourages
new conversion.

Creating interactive, engaging POS and marketing materials through cooperative strategic execution.

Expanding and extending your brand voice until it is clearly heard, and
perfectly defined.

Point of Purchase (POP)

Disrupting retail, one display at a time.

Leveraging end-to-end in-house development and a global network of manufacturing capabilities to put your brand in the spotlight.

Igniting your brand’s field strategy, and broadening your merchandising territory.

Warehousing & Fulfillment

An unrivaled infrastructure supporting your brand.

Storage. Packing. Logistics. Lightning-fast distribution and deployment.

Our team handles all end-phase details, liberating work hours for your staff. Helping to send your brand to the front of the pack.

Global Manufacturing

A proven network through a trusted supply chain.

Leveraging two decades of experience in on and off-shore production
and logistics.

For absolute consistency throughout the production lifespan, and on-time delivery of all branded products.

Diversity & Inclusion

Successful ideation is always a group effort.

Diversity and inclusion are essential to the creative process. In our house, they’re second nature.


We are a leading strategic counsel for sustainability initiative development and execution.

At The MRL Group, guiding clients to promotional solutions that are as sensitive as they are effective is a top priority. We’ll work closely with you to reach your sustainability goals, and help you to maintain them.

Identifying your brand with the values that connect us all, and improving your growth potential along the way.